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Originally Posted by Meshugana
gross what the fuck they are ruining the core ideas of their game

Nope. And what Nem said is what I meant.

Look at arathi highlands for instance, there is like 4 quest there in stormgarde that used to be elite. Now easy to do, on old servers were people either have twinks, or main that raids, it'll be hard ever to complete these quests the way it used to be, now instead of forcing most to grind grind grind cause can't do elite quests solo, they change these quests and make them much more solo friendly around the area lvl. This is ofcourse win and don't see how it can destroy the core idea of the game.

Game has been out for almost 3 years now, not to mentioned most high lvls are in outlands and thus barely anyone still lvls alts or start this game (not to mentioned spread out all over the servers).

Besides this change was made cause expansion sometime next year, and if people want a new class they had to go through 1-58 in the old way, that would just discourage them.

Not to mentioned most items from 1-58 are so outdated (like so many has spirit, cause in the old wow spirit used to be something), but now it's nothing. Many items lacks +hit and crit also. So yeah changes were needed
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Yes, I did know that.
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