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Platinum Games promises a huge year, is operating at 'full speed'

So the sequel to Nier Automata is also coming in 2020?

Click for full size

Platinum Games promises a huge year, is operating at 'full speed'

Bayonetta 3 in 2020?

Platinum Games is the kind of developer that could just have an incredible year at any point. 2019 kind of ruled with just Astral Chain in play, but 2020 could be way bigger.

Speaking to Inside Games, Platinum Games president Kenichi Sato noted that the company is in "full speed" 2020 in terms of operations, and that in the near future, we could see a "beginning of a new stage" for Platinum. A bold claim to be sure that any studio could throw out there, but given Platinum's track record, it means something.

At this point, anything is possible with the company. They've worked directly with Microsoft and Nintendo on projects. We could see a release date and footage for Bayonetta 3 at E3, and even a wild pitch revival of Scalebound for the Xbox Series X. Astral Chain has done very well for itself and could get a sequel tease, as could another NieR game. Plus we have Babylon's Fall, Lost Order and Granblue Fantasy: Relink just kind of sitting out there. We also have two mystery projects focused on new IP.
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They got babylons fall too.

New nier is a strong possibility too.

It's crazy how a studio that is always on knifes edge is developing 3 AAA titles at the same time.

Oh and the writer of that article is in denial. PG and Microsoft are done. Thats not coming back.
Relink has moved completely to cygames, not in their hands anymore.
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I would love a new Nier game. The last 1 is on the short list of games I've actually finished. It takes a lot for me to see a game all the way through.
"I'll play almost anything but I won't finish almost anything there's a difference." Escaflowne2001
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