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NPD: Switch ended up with more games in 2019 than PS4 and Xbox One combined

Too many shovelware, it's hard to find decent games especially digital.

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NPD: Switch ended up with more games in 2019 than PS4 and Xbox One combined

Whereas Wii U struggled to get new games throughout its lifecycle, the situation has been much different for Switch. New games continue to lands on the system every day. That’s particularly evident in the weekly Nintendo Download report, where it’s not uncommon to see over a dozen new releases.

According to the NPD’s Mat Piscatella, the company tracked more than 1,480 new releases on Switch in the United States in 2019. That stacks up favorably to other consoles, as it’s actually over 400 more than the PS4 and Xbox One combined.

Piscatella also compared the situation to another successful Nintendo console – that being the Wii. Here’s a chart showing how the first three calendar years of Switch and Wii stack up against each other:

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a lot of games are ports and mobile games ported over to the switch tho. Not sure if those same games were ported over to the other systems.

Plus, doesn't Nintendo have it cheaper to put things on the switch compared to the PS4 and Xbox? I remember it is a 500 dollar license fee to put on the eshop and lesser percentage on games sold. So companies make more money with the switch.. if people buy their games.
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Yeah... it may have but it sure didnt feel like it. AKA, this is the shovelware syndrome in action.
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