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Thumbs down I hate to say it, but I think Resident Evil has finally run its course!

I've been a fan of Resident Evil and other survival horror franchises since either 1999 or around the turn of the century. That's almost 20 years that I have stuck by the series. And to a lot of people out there, it's not just a game that people play 'for fun' or because we have 'free time' to do so. No. Perhaps to begin with, that might have been the case, although if you have been a dedicated fan for as long as I (and a lot of other devoted fans out there) have been up until now, you will begin to feel like you are being cheated and like you are being denied a true game that you want to see unfold. Do note, however, that all of this is my opinions.

As the years go by, I find it harder and harder to believe that Capcom knows what they're doing any more, because quite frankly, I don't think they do. I'm going to go out on a limb here and openly say that even if the re-imagining of 2 does well, I feel like they are just doing it for a quick dollar, because the fanboys (I dare say "true fans" here) had, for the longest time, been badgering Capcom to do that. By the looks of things, it's just a fan service game too, that likely won't even be canonical, so I have to question just why the hell they're wasting resources on this, because it looks great, sure, but Claire does not even look right to me. It's just a trick to get people suckered in again. Because they constantly say that the next one will be the best one to date or it will be the scariest, or that they're returning to the roots, but we just got a Silent Hills copy as their method of compensation, due to Konami not even completing that game, so try another one, Capcom.

In all honesty, my beef doesn't even lay with the remake. My frustration lays with their BS decisions and how they disrespected key figures that made this franchise what it is today. People, such as Alyson Court. Fans wanted her to come back for the longest time. All they do now is milk the series in the most horrible way and publish awful side story games made by other people, that are not even connected to the timeline. We had to wait nearly a year to get add-on content because the third party group they hired messed it up. Nobody in their right mind should care about Umbrella Corps, Operation Raccoon City or the rest of the garbage tie-in media or half baked add-on content. Now, I get that companies love to experiment, because the market has changed. But in my view, Resident Evil 4 was the game that pretty much ruined the series, way back in 2005. It ain't a bad game. In fact, when it comes to action games, I'd say it's one of the best in its category. But it just wasn't really even a real Resident Evil game back then, and it still isn't. For starters, this game has an identity crisis. All Capcom did was rip off Call of Duty and other movies, and that's what they've did ever since with each sequel. They just cut and paste the same enemies, but maybe do the race different, but everything else, they recycle over and over again, and they even threw in co-op, so how was the games after that even terrifying in the slightest? Now the newer ones hardly even resemble Resident Evil in general, and I feel like the dude they put in 7: Biohazard for Chris' model was a poor stand-in for Roger, or whatever the guy's name is, who played Chris in Revelations and 5 and 6. The recent chap that Capcom hired looked and sounded nothing like Chris at all, and I feel that with the RE Engine they are working on now, they will likely screw-up other characters' designs at some point down the road. For I mean, they could have gotten a guy to model Chris who had a black beard with big muscles and who somewhat resembled the character so, so much. It ain't hard. Actually, all the seventh game did overall was rip off The Texas Chain Saw Massacre movies and Trancers starring Tim Thomerson. It's true, by the way. The game was also not that memorable, but somehow, people tell me they think it is the best one since the fourth one, and I often feel they act contrary on purpose. It has its moments, yeah, but play the first game or even the first three entries back to back, up to when Raccoon City was blown up, then play that latest entry, and you will clearly be able to see that nothing about the older games is intact any longer. Nothing whatsoever remains and it may as well be an entirely new IP. Yet Capcom will never do that, because copying trends is way safer. Oh, yeah. Like, you're walking around super slowly in a similar house, located in some decrepit land, being chased by an old man with a spiked shovel and you get sludge creatures, bugs and occasionally, you get to battle gators and a John Kramer (from Saw) rip off called Lucas Baker, too. Wow! Like, give me the zombies, dogs and all the original monsters over that cut and paste horror movie nonsense, any day of the week.

It is not just the looks of the characters either. Capcom has no more creativity. Why do I think that way? Well, they obviously just make up dumb stuff to "enhance" the plot (what plot?) and much of it either makes little sense, or it ultimately goes nowhere. The next game that eventually swings around usually has no references to what happened before and once again, the story and whatnot has been lifted (as in nicked) from other franchises. They marketed part 7 as being set blah, blah, blah amount of years after part 6 (although it has zilch to do with the game that Capcom claims it was carrying on from). We didn't even get a proper ending to the downfall of Umbrella, until they did those awful rail shooter Wii games. They just say that such and such has a son or a sister, or yes, even a clone, in order to churn out games that end up disappointing the long term fans. To me, Revelations 2 feels like one of the better recent entries, as the enemies were sort of like zombies that actually moved rather quickly, and the game had an interesting story again, even if the frame rates were a bit wobbly. Then I found out they actually copied The Last of Us. If you don't know why, compare Ellie to Moira Burton. Both girls had to hunt rabbits in the winter, after getting separated from someone. That was no coincidence. Capcom ripped off Naughty Dog, and I'll be honest...I think Naughty Dog actually makes better games than Capcom can now. The old Capcom could not be touched. This new Capcom just sucks. Now all these other developers are starting to outshine them.

Plus, a lot of the things in the early games was put in them due to the input of Shinji Mikami. We have that dude to thank tremendously for a lot of aspects of what the series used to be. Yet all Capcom does is take credit for what was essentially his own creation, back in the 90's. But he isn't at Capcom anymore. He is at Tango Gameworks, and actually, he is doing something right. He made The Evil Within games with Bethesda and that is now my second favorite horror game saga due to Konami unceremoniously ruining Silent Hill so they can anger their ex-employees, and cause the fans to become irate, then give us a gambling machine, like anyone sane ought to care, when that's not a real game. And to make matters worse, they stopped doing AAA titles. For the most part, I believe.

All they actually do is bring back classic characters they KNOW you'll want to see, but then the story is just thrown in there and while you may love it at the time because it has that name glued to the cover, I don't, because I know that 9 times out of 10, it is something external that just goes nowhere. They then wait a few years and do another game that also goes nowhere, but it too copies other games and films. The series has no clear narrative. So if they are going to do that, I say they should be prepared to at least do it right and clean up the story, before chucking in all of this new trash. However, I digress. They have nothing. They just want to remake titles that people are so fond of, as it will attract those big sales. If you truly think about it, what iterations in this franchise are the most beloved out of all of the retro installments? Yep. 2 and also 3: Nemesis, which I'm sure they'll remake next.
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