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Paper exe
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This one from Nintendo

Nintendo, the world leader in video game innovation, stated loud and clear that they are not to be overlooked in the next generation home console race with the revelation of several unique features of the company's next console system, code name Revolution, to key media outlets. According to the early information, Revolution will combine powerful technology and gaming-focused features in Nintendo's smallest home game console yet.

In its final form, Revolution will be about the thickness of three standard DVD cases and only slightly longer. The versatile Revolution will play either horizontally or vertically, allowing the user total flexibility in setting up a gaming session wherever they have a television.

Thanks to Nintendo's hardware development partners IBM and ATI, the small system will be packed with power that will enable it to wow players with its graphics. Nintendo's legions of loyal fans will be happy to learn that Revolution will be backward compatible, playing both Nintendo GameCube 8cm disks along with its own 12cm optical disks in the same self-loading media drive.

In the next generation, the addition of the Internet will be important to all consoles and particularly important to Nintendo. Revolution will be wireless Internet ready out of the box.

There's much more to Revolution that will be revealed over the coming months, but the combination of its compact size, wireless Internet, backward compatibility, quick start-up time and quiet, low-power operation add up to the start of a great game system. Get ready for the Nintendo Revolution in 2006!

Enough said.
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Guess that's a comfirmation on the earlier stated tidbit from IGN. But it also kind've proves that video posted earlier to be fake. I'm really lookin' forward to the Revolution, looks like Nintendo might have a chance at no.1 again... only took 'em what? 10 years?
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Old 05-14-2005, 07:42 AM   #3
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I posted this link yesterday in this thread, but I reckon it deserves its own thread. Sounds cool, and I'm kind of happy that Nintendo might use DVD compatibility this time, but I will still be using my real DVD player, unless Nintendo's is better. Doubt it, though.
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Old 05-14-2005, 08:26 AM   #4
Smash bro!
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It just hit me that Revolution (internet ready right after the box) with free online play = Dreamcast 2. Interesting...
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Old 05-14-2005, 09:59 AM   #5
: )
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I'm pleased at the news that it will be very small- my bedroom floor is dominated by fat ugly consoles like PS1 and N64 and xbox!
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Old 05-14-2005, 10:26 AM   #6
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hmmm...other than the controller, i think the n64 is a very nice looking system. too bad it has about 5 games i like
how long could this really go on?
some things need testing...
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Old 05-14-2005, 05:37 PM   #7
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Originally Posted by Nem
It just hit me that Revolution (internet ready right after the box) with free online play = Dreamcast 2. Interesting...
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Old 05-15-2005, 04:54 PM   #8
Paper exe
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Originally Posted by ovejon
Paper, your reading comprehension skills still needs some work. If you read what I said; self loading drives can't play mini dvd's. I was assuming that they will provide some adaptor to play those mini dvd's.
Yes I understand what you said..
Nintendo said that it is backward compatible, they also said that revolution can play both by a self-loading media drive, which means that it is build in, you are just confused because you don't think that this can be happen.
Seriously do you have to know how to make a car to ride it?
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Sony Fanboy
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quiet, low-power operation
Hopefully, all next gen systems will use FDB motors. Current ones tend to spoil a well tuned 5.1 setup.
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Old 05-14-2005, 04:34 PM   #10
Joe Redifer
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My well tuned 5.1 setup is much too loud for any game system fan noise to interfere. Of course I have the systems hidden inside of shelves, so that helps a little.
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Old 05-14-2005, 04:43 PM   #11
Sin and Punishment
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The first Gamecubes were very quite. The only thing I hear more then the fan was the disk being read. Later though, Nintendo obviously found some extra ways to save money and cut the quality of the GCN's fan. They are now more noticeable noisy when close to. When I first got the platinum GCN, I actually thought something was wrong with it because of the noise.
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