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Eversion, a creepy 2D indie platformer on Steam

Eversion is now available on Steam for $4.49 (regular price is $4.99). It's an indie platformer from Zaratustra Productions. The game supports controllers (though the default Xbox 360 controller button mapping is lame) and has Steam Achievements.

Graphically it looks like a Turbografx-16 game (though the parallax scrolling is much nicer), with some cool Yoshi's Island-like special effects every now and then.

The premise is that you're trying to rescue the kidnapped princess. The game's twist is that there are multiple dimensions that you can switch between. (The word eversion means to twist inside-out.) Things start out happy and pretty but as you jump between dimensions, it gets darker and more twisted. Different obstacles and platforms appear in each dimension, so there's a puzzle aspect as you try to clear the level or collect all the gems to unlock the last level. There are two endings: one for finishing World 7 without collecting all gems and the true ending for completing World 8.

If you like platform or indie games, it's worth a shot.
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