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'Resident Evil' TV show rumors point to Netflix

Glad these clowns are gone (Milla Jovovich and W.S. Anderson).


'Resident Evil' TV show rumors point to Netflix
Where'd I put my healing herbs?

So what's next for Netflix? The service seems to have a little bit of everything in the works, and the latest rumor from Deadline says that it's planning a Resident Evil TV series. This news arrives with a remake of Resident Evil 2 ready to drop tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a suggestion the series could "expand the Resident Evil universe and deepen the existing mythology."

It's apparently in development from German production company Constantin Film, which also produced all six movies in the film franchise. As one would expect from anything bearing the Resident Evil name, series plans include looks inside the shadowy Umbrella Corporation behind the outbreak, as well as the new world order rising up in the wake of the T-Virus. We wouldn't expect to see Milla Jovovich and W.S. Anderson involved this time around, but they've moved on to another video game series -- Monster Hunter.
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Hopefully, it's better than the movies.
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Awesome! I'll definitely gonna try it
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Smash bro!
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It's the same production company, so it won't be any better.

Besides, the movies did what they could. I don't really think theres much more that can be squeezed out of the story to make a compelling series.

With that said... the same could be said about monster hunter and they are making a movie out of that.
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