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Mistatee's Pitydafool Reviews

Ok, i have decided to be a part of the crowd and start a review thread like everyone else. But mine will be entirely devoted to old games. What I define as old is Psx/Sat/N64 and older. So i guess its not really old, but who gives a damn, close enough.

My rating system is weird though. For it to work I have to write the scaling guide for two genres of games: RPGs, and Not RPGs.

RPGs with their focus on character and story actually get scores for character and story. Their scores will be determined as follows:

Story : 100pts x40%-60% or 40-60pts for non-math wizards
Characters 100pts x15%-30% or 15-30 pts
Gameplay 100pts x20%-35% or 20-35 pts
Bonus tilt any number added to score for innovation/cinematics/music etc.

Non-Rpgs are rated differently:
Infact, its basically random.. Though i wont review too many. Though i will touch on areas such as Gameplay and Bonus and Sound and Replay.

Then after reviews i will list reviews for similar titles, time to beat, difficulty level, and if it is better then Super Mario 64. In case you don't know, if the game is in any form good, then too me its better then SM64, and thus recommended to give it a shot.

Games I will be reviewing sometime in the near future:

Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete (Psx)
Lunar:Eternal Blue (Psx)
Valkyrie Profile (Psx)
Silhouette Mirage (Psx)
Grandia (Psx)
Panzer Dragoon (Sat)
Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sat)
Radiant Silvergun (Sat/I guess i have too, though i dont have a copy yet...)
Dragon Force (Sat)
General Chaos (Gen)
Mic and Mac's Global Gladiators (Gen)
The 7th Saga (SNES)
Lufia II (SNES)

Short list for now, expect a detailed review once a week, starting probably tonight around midnight.

And before you ask, heres why i hate SM64:
3-d platformers suck, SM64 spawned the whole breed of them
Gameplay while innovative, felt extremely repetitive, and in a lot of areas uninspired
Bossfights were lame, though i guess SM never really had good boss fights.
Collecting multiple items i was never fond of. Coins in stages as points worked fine, as a requirement, worked poorly. Best star collection was in SM:GB2 Legend of the 8 stars.

And another questioned answered: No i dont care about graphics in my game unless i cant tell whats going on (ET). Therefor all points gained from "good" graphics or lost by "bad" graphics is handled in the Bonus section.
C'mon get back on your feet!

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