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Wow - what games did they test?

I ran WOW (World Of Warcraft, not the previous exclammation "Wow") on VISTA smooth like butter.
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Originally Posted by themoonrulz#1
OS X is pure sex, by the way.

I would have more sex if I were you.
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This hardware configuration will only suffice for the basic functionality of the new OS. To have the status of a Windows Vista Premium Ready PC, the computer must have the following:

* CPU with a clock rate of 1GHz and higher
* 1GB of system RAM
* Graphics card compatible with the Aero interface
* HDD with a storage capacity of at least 40GB and with 15GB of free space
* Audio subsystem
* Internet access
let's see, my processor meets the requirements, my ram does, my hdd does, dvd rom, audio and net, but with the graphics card i'd defintely need a new one that's compatible with the Aero interface.
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you can run this to find out if your computer is compatible.
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