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Can't think of one.

Though i think MS managed to fool alot of people into getting the original Kinect.

Quick google i can see it sold at least 20M.

Compared to the userbase it's not too bad i guess. As far as addons go (i made a funny typo writing this. I typed assons. It rang true though!), it was the most sucessful sales wise.
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Originally Posted by spider-prime View Post
addons never do well. is there any that have?
Kinect was kind of a success on 360.
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It was a sales success on 360 but gradually people began to see how unpolished this technology was.

I think the only games that played well with that were about dancing, most outside of that required very precise movements and ample empty space otherwise it will freak out having trouble with detections making patience running short.
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Originally Posted by SavedFromSin View Post
You bastard! Am I not someone to you!?
Ahahaha. I totally forgot you got it. You didn't even have your Xbox One out last time I visited your home.
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Originally Posted by Rubeus View Post
Kinect was kind of a success on 360.
I think that is mostly cause it was bundled with the systems when it came out, so most people who bought a new 360, plus the xbox one, probably got it with it.
I rather know how many were from bundles being pushed on people with it and how many were bought by itself.
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