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Just Cause 2 multiplayer!

zomg master race

A bunch of PC gamers have taken it upon themselves to mod Just Cause 2 so that it supports multiplayer, and it looks incredible.

A recently released trailer for JC2-MP shows a group of players flipping speedboats, having tank battles and barrel rolling buses, all things that we love doing.

The mod project has even got the support of Magnus Johansson, lead level designer at Avalanche Studios, who gave the team a thumbs up on Twitter.

Official website for the mod:

I loved Just Cause 2, I think it's one of the best sandbox games around, I had so much fun with it and could just run around for hours blowing stuff up and all that, and this is coming from a person who hates doing that same thing in GTA and Saints Row. Just found JC2's insanely shit physics and everything else so much fun to mess around with.

Playing it with friends will just be utter mayhem, I'm guessing. Keep your eyes on this one, I can't wait to hop on.
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The arm made that game great. I didn't even use vehicles unless I had no choice.
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