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Smile Got Pirates! need tips plz

My bro got me Pirates! for the PC (the new one), I just installed it yesterday, but didn't play it though I did enter into a bar/tavern & check some of the options.
So I was wondering if you guys can give me any tips on how to play this game.
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Always carry enough food so that you have around 15 - 30 days worth of food with you

Always carry a few gun ships, but always keep your main ship fast, for when you want to lounge in for duels, which I find much easier than regular ship battles since i've read the movements of the enemy.

Thats another thing, the movements of the enemy pirates although not easy to detect in difficult settings are detectable, I suggest you make good use of it.

FOR GOD SAKES USE THE RAPIER! Speed in this game is vital, your power comes in your backup, for example: You use a rapier to duel, but you open the duel up with two pistols to the chest on that drunk pirate bastard to let him know you mean business! quick strikes ends the duel faster.

Now, this tip is only valuable if you want a steady ally, if not, forget it. Spain will always been the place with power in the caribbean, knowing this you can choose to go after a hot spanish wife, dancing in this game is NOT as hard as people might lead you to believe, nor are they as hard as you might think it is going into it, the woman leads you with every single movement, just look for her hands and think quick. But the point here is, Spain will control the most cities, and because of this, you might be tempted to have that kind of ally.

The benefits to having that ally, is when you pirate and do things for them, you gain prestegious titles that in turn help your cause vastly by giving you free upgrades or repairs, things that cost you a helfy sum over time.

Of course you could choose to omit this and be a ruthless bastard, then pick the Dutch, conquer cities and turn Havana into the Dutch Capitol of the Caribbean.

No one told me this, but you can hop over fences when doing stealth missions, when you're in a town illegally, never forget this, if you're low on supplies or need repairs, go straight to the docks, you'll notice by the way it looks where they'll be, if they catch you, you go to prison and you lose a few years.

Remember you have a large quest which pertains to you finding your family, the more you play onto that quest, the more you actually find the evil bastard who kidnapped them, when you defeat him (very cool cut scene btw) you get the awesome fringe benefits that goes along with that.

Now heres a trick, try to get the top honors from all 4 countries, I was close to doing that, I was only missing one more france title to max that out, but when you max everything in the game, which is certainly possible in one life time, you can get top score rank, on how you end your life, really cool way of finishing things off, I was 2nd highest with the end of my career, so thats something to shoot for.

in order to accomplish this, remember this, when you get a quest, don't go on them without being fully prepared, always juggle 2 or 3 quests at a time (which means being prepared to handle that many) just incase on your way to one you stumbled across another, and this speeds up the process, many a time going on one quest, I find myself in an area on the way to it, where I could find some buried treature or a lost incan city.

When you notice the wind is dead, lower the sails, also do this when you notice the wind is against you, and during battles use the momentum of the wind on both you and him to dictate the accuracy of his shots, remember that he's in it to inflict the most damage on you, the chain shots inflict crippling ship damage but those grapefruit shots lower your man power mighty fast (with low man power you will go no where and fire less) Learn the art of swiving in the water, going out of range during shots, and pulling the sails off even when in the wind, to slow down and stop those (often times) 20 to 30 cannons worth of ammo to nail your ship, which if you followed my suggestion will be smaller and faster in order to nail those bastards head on if you want to duel.

The men in the back of the pub who sell you things, will not sell you bull**** items, every item they will sell you, be it an upgrade or a map piece is valuable. The tricky thing is when you get information off of them, because thier information is sort of about what towns have what. Now this information can prove vital if they get a town you have a vested interest in, the problem is they usually don't convince you on attacking a city you didn't already want to attack, unless you just decided you wanted to when they told you (although to be fair, they also tell you trade information, which is really good to know in this game)

That is another important part and the last thing I'll tell you, TRADING, Always carry a good amount of 1 thing, and make sure you study the trade prices of each thing, if you carry alot of things in smaller quantities you're going to go for that big cash in, and you'll actually lose the money you gain along the way to the next town. A bigger portion of just 1 item, sells for that bigger score elsewhere where that item is VERY scarce, sometimes the best deal you'll find won't be in the cities either.

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Thanks man! :cool guy:
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i cant give u any tips on this game, but i sure as heck know i LOVED the IIgs and nes versions! i have pirates gold for genesis, but havent spent much time with it...i can only pray they release a mac version of the new game
how long could this really go on?
some things need testing...
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