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How To Unlock Gladio’s Shirtless “Rugged Attire” In Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolu

With this and the other mobile FF games, Square Enix's new trend is female fan service.

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How To Unlock Gladio’s Shirtless “Rugged Attire” In Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus

Final Fantasy XV just got its new Episode Gladiolus DLC today, and with it comes a way to unlock Gladio’s shirtless attire, called “Rugged Attire,” for research purposes. [Thanks, LemonEatingKow, via DualShockers.]

As talked about in the video, the Rugged Attire gives Gladio a pretty nice strength boost by about 200. You can unlock it by playing Score Attack Mode, which becomes available after beating Episode Gladiolus, and getting a score of at least 500,000.

While there are various ways to go about getting the 500,000 points, LemonEatingKow recommends using parries or block command by pressing Square on enemy attacks. You can use a stone pillar to do massive damage, but since its hits are limited it is recommended to use it against the tougher foes.

Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
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I played it for the first time (Blind, btw.) and got 499,400 points. I had a look at a guide and was like
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