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3DS series production ended in Japan after nine years

I bought 4 3DSes over its life time, first a regular 3DS, and then a New 3DS, then I sold both of them and got a 2DS, finally got a 3DS XL for a really low price.

3DS series production ended in Japan

Over nine years after launch, the Nintendo handheld closes shop.

Nintendo has officially ended production of the 3DS series handhelds in Japan, according to its official website.

While it is unclear exactly when production ended, the Wayback Machine shows that the note of production ending was not on the website on September 15.

3DS first launched in February 2011.
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I had 2 normal 3ds, 2 2DS, 2 New 3ds and 2 new 3ds XL and 2 New 2ds XL.

Only bought 1 of them at full price and the rest for 20 dollars each. lol
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It had a good run.

I still got some games to play on it, but i ended up finding it very unconfortable.
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I had one normal 3DS then a New 3DS. Since the New 3DS is still new and will always be new, I don't really need a newer 3DS than that.
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