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Leaks suggest Nintendo's Retro Studios making Star Fox racing spin-off

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Leaks suggest Nintendo's Retro Studios making Star Fox racing spin-off
Prime time.

A round of internet leaks has suggested Nintendo's Retro Studios - developer of the Metroid Prime trilogy - is working on a Star Fox racing spin-off.

The leaks appeared online over the weekend on reddit and 4chan, and were then reported this morning on multiple gaming sites and blogs.

So, what do we believe? Well, as improbable as Retro making a Star Fox racing spin-off may sound, Eurogamer sources have heard similar.

Details posted to reddit by user DasVergeben, who has a patchy record, touted Retro's Star Fox project as a racing game "like Diddy Kong Racing mixed with F-Zero".

"It will have an adventure mode of some kind (think Diddy Kong Racing) and there will be some boss fights and a hub world like it too.

"It is called Star Fox Grand Prix."

While I hadn't heard the name - and don't know if that is accurate or final - other details line up with what I have heard. The Star Fox series is traditionally a space (and sometimes land) based vehicle shooter, although it has dabbled in various other genres before.

Shortly after the reddit post went live, a logo for Star Fox Grand Prix separately appeared on 4chan, that home of reliable video game leaks. Again, I've not heard that name specifically, but the rest of the details line up.

Nintendo fans have been acutely interested in the goings-on at Retro Studios. The secretive Austin, Texas-based developer was catapulted to fame when it developed the excellent Metroid Prime trilogy for GameCube and Wii.

Retro followed this with the well-received if not revolutionary Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze side-scrolling platformers for Wii and Wii U.
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Nintendo doesn't even know what to do with StarFox anymore.
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You'd think porting zero without motion controls would be a given... but Miyamoto is too proud for that i bet.
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yah, it's the 2nd screen and motion controls that ruined so many games. They don't understand that motion controls that aren't for "our bodies" in game, like arms and hands, just plain suck cause they feel awkward as fuck cause our motion never matches the one in the game. It has to be 1:1 motion or there isn't a point to it.
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If it's a racing game then this just kills the possibility of seeing an F-Zero in a near future.

The wii u pad was a monstrosity when they forced you to carry around the pad and somehow keep looking at both the tv and the pad's screen almost at the same time, that was just tiring.

Star Fox Zero could have been a decent game if they left the controls as optional.

Originally Posted by Nem View Post
You'd think porting zero without motion controls would be a given... but Miyamoto is too proud for that i bet.
So proud that he won't admit mistakes. He practically blamed consumers for the wii u failure.
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