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Level-5 CEO: 'In the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch'

So Sony can no longer hire L5 to produce games like Ni no Kuni and Dark Cloud?

Click for full size

Level-5 CEO: 'In the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch'

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino is one of the most open studio leads out there, and recently he spoke to Nikkei Trendy to sort of lay out his company's plans for the rest of the year and going forward.

First off, Hino plainly states: "Basically, in the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch. The idea is that what we have created for 3DS will move over to Switch. It's a pretty big statement for two reasons -- obviously Level-5 is now going to support the Switch in earnest, but based on this wording, the 3DS is a legacy system now.

He's kicking off this initiative with Snack World, a process he notes has been slow-going (remember when they announced it ages ago?) -- intimating that they bit off a little more than they could chew launching yet another cross-media project after Yo-Kai Watch. He also continues to tease the large-scale RPG he just let slip recently, and will reveal more information on where the company is going during their Level-5 Vision event this fall.

I'm into it! Level-5 makes some fantastic stuff, including the recently released Ni No Kuni II, so I'm always following them as closely as I can.
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Ni No Kuni was published by Namco Bandai. Level-5 were always a big supporter of the DS/3DS so this is just the next step really. Doesn't mean they won't do the odd game for Sony or NB or whoever is paying.
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