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Again I will post my feelings on the FF Series, because I have nothing better to do:

1 - Only fooled around with a bit on a ROM.

2 - Only fooled around with a bit on a ROM.

3 - From what I played of the DS version, it sucks.

4 - Amazing for the time, but looking back on it, not any better than a lot of other SNES RPGs like Lufia 2 or Tales of Phantasia. Though I played the PsP version, Star Ocean also is on the same level if no better.

5 - Liked the Job System, everything else kinda tanked.

6 - Personally I feel it is incredibly overrated, though still good. About the same level as 4.

7 - Highly overrated, but still good. Possibly the best on the Ps1.

8 - Mixed Bag. Quarky Combat, but interesting story until said story takes a huge nosedive. Side Characters come off as compeltely worthless (Irvine does nothing after the first disk, and did Selphie ever do anything?). Still, it tried a lot of new things, some worked, some didn't.

Tactics - Pure Genius. Still one of the best SRPGs around.

9 - Terrible. Dumb Characters, Crap Story, Most Random Final Boss in history. And Screw that skill learning system.

10 - Charming, but way too linear. Sphere Grid was good until the game opened up, and then everyone became too overpowered and leaning towards the same.

11 - Hardcore MMO, but with a good class system, and skill chains, felt rewarding for playing.

Tactics Advance - Took everything that was amazing about the first game and threw it away. It wasn't terrible, but when compared with Tactics it was horrific.

12 - Beautiful looking, and great world. Everything else kinda sucked. Liked that the story wasn't "End of the World" but they fucked that up in he end. The characters were emotionally dead, the side characters were ultimately useless. License Board sucks big time. Summons made the game harder instead of easier. Sadly, the Japanese International version fixes all of these, including the story only because I can't follow Japanese perfectly. Almost forgot to mention that the VA work was the best every in a game.

TA2 - Didn't Play, probably sucked worse than TA
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