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Universe at War factions trailers

Here is 3 new trailers 1 for each faction from Sega/Petroglyphs new RTS universe at War:

Masari Video:

Hierarchy Video:

Novus video:

Things worth noting:

- Notice the Masari hero unit, telliport the enemies super weapon out of his base and into one of there near by out posts! (Masari Video)

- Notice the awesome flanking by the Novus grunt units moving around the massive walker, (Note that the things they used to zip around are cloaked so the enemy can't see them. (Novus Video)

- Notice the cool power the Hierarchy have of lifting an enemy building off the ground and then crashing it down onto a place on the map like a meteorite. (Hierarchy Video)

- The music F-in rocks!

This game is going to have SO MUCH strategic awesomeness, I can't wait for this baby.
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Fingers crossed
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i've been getting into strategy games more than i used to. really looking forward to this.
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