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Originally Posted by Reko8
desperate. I'm glad I play Everquest 2
I haven't played EQ2 in nearly two years. The ridiculously slow combat eventually turned me off. Even fully twinked, my lvl 44 Guardian took about 1 minute to kill a ^^ green monster...all for crap xp.

Originally Posted by Savedbysin
I really want to play Lineage II
There are free Lineage II servers out there. My brother and a friend play on one. I'm not sure what's different now, but they swear the changes are for the better.

Originally Posted by Vegetto
the first time I played WoW my jaw was to the floor at the sheer size of the game, I cant believe how massive it is, and swimming underwater too?! yeah it blew me away
The world is huge. But I think all the walking makes it seem even more immense. Despite that, Dark Age of Camelot has a much larger world compared to WoW (Three realms, Darkness Falls, Epic Zones, and the expansion content).
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