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... lol
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nope agreed .. still easier with a pad .. as the games clearly been built around a pad ready for the console port
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I didn't find it easier with a pad. Preferred using the mouse and keyboard, had 0 problems with it, though that may just be me being more comfortable using them compared to a controller. People who had troubles with it and blame the game/controls are just admitting they're bad at the game.

Geralt isn't just a swordsman. All the signs, off-hand weapons, and potions if used right should make dying pretty hard to come by. I managed a Hard playthrough before the difficulty got nerfed pretty easily. It even got easier as you went through since the Quen sign is just a beast when you level it up right.
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Yeah, I had no problems using a mouse and keyboard.

What I did find interesting was going from a mouse/keyboard in Arkham Asylum to a controller for Arkham City...when(ever) Rocksteady completely gets their shit together with Arkaham City for Windows, I'll be going back to mouse/keyboard.

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