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Sega Hopes to Release More Games on PC Thanks to Persona 4 Golden Success

The next one is most like Catherine Full Body? And maybe even Persona 3 FES?

Click for full size

Sega Hopes to Release More Games on PC Thanks to Persona 4 Golden Success

This week, Sega held its investor’s meeting for the quarter online, and during the Q&A session, an investor asked Sega Sammy CEO Haruki Satomi and CFO Kouichi Fukazawa regarding whether more games will be sold on PC via Steam in the future, following the success of Persona 4 Golden.

Here’s the full question and answer translated below:
Q: Regarding Steam, Persona 4 Golden has been doing very well in sales. Will the company consider selling new titles in the future from the very start?

A: “Persona 4 Golden is a remaster of a previous title released for PlayStation Vita. With its release onto Steam, the game was rated highly by game review sites, and in part due to its cheap price, the game surpassed our expectations in sales by a large margin. In the future, we would like to proactively pursue porting previously released titles onto Steam and other new platforms. Furthermore, regarding new games in the future, we will negotiate with the platform holders and examine different methods of selling each title case-by-case under favorable conditions. As part of this, we hope to take actions such as releasing PC versions from the very start with multi-platform releases in mind.”
Since Persona 4 Golden‘s release in June on Steam, the game reached a personal milestone of 500,000 players, greatly surpassing its lifetime sales on PlayStation Vita. It seems that this might have led to the opening of the floodgates of even more Sega PC game ports, and even games releasing simultaneously on PC in the future.
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Uff... persona 3 fes is not a good idea.
Problem with Persona 3 is that there isn't a definitive edition.
FES doesnt let you control your party members, but has an extra post ending episode. Portable lets you control your party and has a female lead option and more social links but, the presentation is in visual novel format, not 3D.

If they were to release a version, i think portable would be the better choice. But, most of all, P3 needs a remaster/remake with all the best things from both versions.
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I am trying to think for the life of me what Sega I would ever re-play on PC and I can only think of Skies of Arcadia. Everything else is either easy to emulate or not worth remembering.
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