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Deal with it.
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I haven't a clue when it comes to programming stuff.
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Urrrrm I'll just pit this in here. Rumoured that it has a blu-ray drive now.

Microsoft has told third-party developers its next-generation Xbox will be available at Christmas 2013.

That's according to a new rumour report from VG247, which cites "multiple sources".

According to its insiders, the next Xbox will use Sony's Blu-ray format and carry two GPUs that aren't CrossFire or SLI, and instead function independent of each other. The GPU's are reportedly equivalent to AMD's 7000 series GPUs. It's been described as "like two PCs taped together".

The machine will also have "four or six" CPU cores, it's claimed, with one dedicated entirely to Kinect - which will be built into the hardware - and another just for the console's operating system.

Finally, it's been suggested the next Xbox will take steps to crack down on piracy with an always-on internet connection requirement.

Microsoft is still being coy with its announcements of an Xbox 360 successor. Last month it put an end to rumours of an imminent announcement by officially confirming there will be no next-gen Xbox at E3.

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Smash bro!
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The rumor is more plausable than prevous ones, but this part:

"Finally, it's been suggested the next Xbox will take steps to crack down on piracy with an always-on internet connection requirement."

completely fake. That would be slicing their market in half.
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Gonna have to agree. The bluray just seems logical since it will expand the multimedia capabilities of the 720 and give them a large storage solution that's tested.

Not sure what the point of two independent gpu's is but interesting I guess.

But yeah I can't see MS making ubisoft's most hated drm there solution for piracy on the next console.
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As I get a little older... I am going back to my older style of gaming. I am once again finding myself drawn to pc games. And given that I have an absolutely stunning computer, the experience is rather light and satisfying. I still play starcraft 2, Im playing skyrim and ill be buying diablo 3 next tuesday.

As for console gaming. The only game that ill be buying is Romance of the three kingdoms 12. Ill be playing that series till im dead. However, given that this is probably the last in the series. That genre of gaming is probably officially dead after this release, which makes me really fucking sad. But on the flip side, ive waited almost 6 years for this game. So I cant wait for its release.

Koei and blizzard are probably my two favorite companies, and im talking about the old koei.

Also I havent been to this website in a long time, and im glad to see many of the same faces here! Thats dedication guys!
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