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Kingdom Hearts III DLC ‘Re:Mind’ announced

If they plan to release a KHIII GOTY Edition I will think about buying it, I dont like buying individual DLCs.

Kingdom Hearts III DLC ‘Re:Mind’ announced

Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts III downloadable content “Re:Mind” during the “Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres” concert at the Tokyo International Forum today.

The content includes the additional scenario “Re:Mind,” as well as a Limit Cut Episode and bosses, a Secret Episode and boss, an English voice-over option for the Japanese version, and more. A release date and price were not announced.

Free downloadable content adding a new keyblade and form was also announced.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
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calling the price, it's going to be 39.99!
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Huh? I much prefer to buy a DLC then a new version of the game where i pay for most of what i payed for already, again.

Anyways, yeah... i'll be buying this.

Will have to re-install KH3 though. I removed it after ending it.
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