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PS Vita production ending soon in Japan - Sony handheld's final days have come

I guess no more handheld console from Sony, they can't seem to maintain two at the same time.

PS Vita production ending soon in Japan

Sony handheld's final days have come.

PS Vita will soon end production in Japan, according to the official Japanese PlayStation website. The pages for the PCH-2000 ZA11 (PS Vita Black) and PCH-2000 ZA23 (PS Vita Aqua Blue) SKUs, which are the only two remaining PS Vita models in production in Japan, mention that “shipments are scheduled to end soon.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment, which manufactures PS Vita, had previously confirmed that production of the handheld will end in 2019.

While a specific end date is currently unknown, it is worth noting that when PlayStation 3 ended production back in May 2017, the official Japanese PlayStation website posted the same notice two months prior.

PS Vita first launched in December 2011.
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Well... it lived far longer than anyone gave it a right to. It was a pretty good portable that was awfully ignored. A shame.
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They also sought to sell it by the gimmick features and ignored the hardware's potential wich was with that 3rd party developers carried on the console by making impressive ports and a few unique games.

Also liked that many of the games I own left the touch and screen controls as completely optional that made me preserve the console really well.
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