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That booty too fine
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Seraph: it seems to me, with the examples of games you prefer, their look tends to be more cartoony and original in design. Is that what you're trying to say? That their character designs and environmantal layouts seem more original compared to, as you say, the cliched medieval game?

But as for as the lack of technology in MMORPGs, fantasy tends to sell a lot better than modern or futuristic venues.
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Im mis-quoting you a bit, but....
Originally Posted by Daniel4802
original in design. Is that what you're trying to say?

Fantasy and Technology can go together, and do quite well. PSO did a great job. Games like FF7 caught that grungy dark feel, while retaining magic and fantasy. Even my beloved ragnarok online has robot towns of machinery and such.
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They do fine, not well. Examples are EQ2 and WoW compared to FFXI. Even dodgy CRAP like Lineage, which is huge in asia. I still say its the horses. Damn horse hater.
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