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Well, thats just our differences. Some people find modding their consoles/PC's fun just for the sake of doing it. I dont enjoy the experince, only the end product.

I tried to build my own metal DDR pad a while ago. Spent almost $100 dollars on supplies, and then realized it wasnt going to work. I even followed a tutorial online. Not fun if you ask me. Especially since i now have a redoctane pad which works VERY well.
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Originally Posted by seraph830
For $1,300 i would much rather get this

Sure, the cost is twice as much, but thats a honest to goodness HD projector. Something little i can just mount on my celing. If i didnt already have a projector, id buy that one.
You see, the problem with those projectors is not the price (Which is alreaady double the homemade one) but the cost of bulbs. My Friend has had a projector for 1.5 years now and hes replaced the bulb twice already (And his is an InFocus 1 rank below the one you linked, around $800 i think) Thats $800 for bulbs. These homemade ones last 5 times onger and cost $10-25 to replace. So in the long run, you could fail 3 times before your projectr works, then have it for 4 years and only pay a total of $2000, or spend $1300, replace the bulb 3 times and spend $2500.
So even if you fail 3 times its still a better deal in the long run, you just save time for working, and save alittle extra room.

Next I want to ask f anyone on the forums has made the projector with a 15'' LCD tv so you could watch TV and play videogames on the projector.
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Here is a PC game running on a home made projector.

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Maybe someone can make a summer project as making the lcd projector and also making their own surround sound system from scratch, I'm talking about even making the speakers themselves. That would be one creation I would be proud of.
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