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Nintendo says they will go after real money transactions in Animal Cross: New Horizon

Click for full size

Nintendo says it will start going after people who buy and sell villagers and other Animal Crossing: New Horizons items

'On a case-by-case basis'

If you've been part of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons community for a bit, you've probably heard of the real-money transaction (RMT) ring that is currently running rampant.

In short, if people want a certain villager, sellers offer the ability to either buy them with in-game money (either millions of bells or Nook Miles Tickets) or real-life money. The median price range is $10 (these are sold listings by the way), but popular villages like Raymond (in the center, above) can go for as much as $25 or more in package deals. It's a practice that's been going on since launch, but only just now is Nintendo going to actually start looking into it.

Speaking to J-Cast, Nintendo explains that selling content for real life monetary gain is a violation of their terms of service, and they will take action accordingly if they see it happening. Nintendo isn't threatening legal action here, to be clear: it seems like they're just going to be banning or suspending accounts for now (both buyers and sellers are mentioned specifically).

How they'll actually enforce this is anyone's guess, but Nintendo re-iterates that it will be on a case-by-case basis at the very least. Good luck!
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I can never see myself paying for this kind of stuff. After you're done with this game, will you care about the villagers after? Nintendo probably upset they aren't profiting from it. Lol
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