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My first gaming tournament

I went to a local tournament in edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and had a great time, met alot of cool people.
I played SF3, but got my but kicked at the first match of the tournament, but the players were goooooood. I had to withdrawn from the losers match because after 7 hours I had to go, but I played tons of casual matches.

Anyways here are some vids, you might care or might not, there were Tekken 4, tekken 5, xmen vs street fighter, capcom vs snk 2, SF3, and of course smash with the majority of people flocking there.

X-men vs Street Fighter

Tekken 4:

Tekken 5:


SF2:Super Turbo:
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Sleep deprived...
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A good Ryu, a better Alex. The game play level is pretty good. Oro in the second video is great, but he should use the standing roundhouse kick as a poke more. Its very safe and contributes a lot to stun/dizzy the opponent faster.
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Kaizoku da!
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if you want my critique, youtube em. filefront is poopy

glad you had fun!
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