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Anyone know what the hell that game is during Snake's Nightmare? Is it a Konami game being made or just for MGS3? Because it was freakin' cool!!
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Ok, so I just beat MGS3 and I thought I would post the things that are discovered at the end. So here we go:

-Snake is given the title Big Boss at the end and starts the FOXHOUND unit in memory of the FOX unit and Major Zero.

-The Philosophers Legacy is 100 Billion dollars accumilated by the great powers before/during WWII.

-The Philosophers are the people who actually rule the world

-The Boss is part of the philosophers

-EVA is a spy for China, and is after The Philosophers Legacy. She is also a philosopher and was trained by The Boss

-Ocelot is actually ADAM, who you were originally supposed to meet at the beginning. He is a spy in the KGB and works for America (i think).

-Volgins father was the one who stole the Legacy

-Granin created the Metal Gear and is friends with Ocelot

-The American Philosophers recover half of The Philosophers Legacy, but the KGB may have the other half

-The American Philosophers changed their name to The Patriots

-Big Boss's "sons" were created in 1972 (Solid, Liquid and Solidus Snake)
Is there more? My question is:
-Who is the Cheif Director Ocelot is talking to at the end?

-Who is Mr. Director Ocelot talks to in the second phone call at the end?

-$20 says that Sokolovs daughter is Maryl from MGS1.
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