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Re: Woo hoo!!

Originally posted by Tashi Tashi
I don't mind english subtitles one bit. Just bring ST!!!

It's too bad date sims don't sell better. Thousand Arms was a great game though the battle system was weak. I didn't know Aruze Dreams was a date sim. :confused: I'm gonna pick it up then. I like date sims... even the trashy hentai ones translated by jasc for PC.:D
Well, Azure dreams isnt EXACTLY a Datesim. It has dating sim elements in it. ITs basically an RPG where you capture monsters in this huge tower and take them with your to train and fight with you. Theres different girls int he town at the abse of the huge tower you are tackling, and you eventually get to finish the game with one of them.

BE warned though.. even for a PSX game, its BUTT UGLY. :p It got pretty average reviews too. ITs annoying that the only games with date-sim elements in them that are ported over to the west, are generally very average games. Hopefully this will change with Sakura Taisen!
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