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Konami just re-upped trademarks for the Goemon series, should we get our hopes up?

The best they can do is probably a Goemon collection for current consoles.

Click for full size

Konami just re-upped gaming trademarks for the Goemon series, should we get our hopes up?

I mean, I'll hold out

Goemon is just one of those series that means different things to different people. For some, the SNES entry Legend of the Mystical Ninja was their first foray into this magical, crazy series. For many others, it was Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon on the N64.

But one thing is for sure, after all these years people still hold water for the franchise and want to see its glorious return. There's just one problem: Konami still controls it. The last time Goemon was truly active was in 2005 on the DS, as well as...wait for it...2011 when Konami made a sequel to the original pachislot game in Japan.

That could change. According to Japanese Nintendo, Konami has opted for new trademarks for Goemon that include "game software" and "game programs." It's a multi-faceted claim that could lead to nothing more than Virtual Console/retro re-releases (which are now Switch Online NES/SNES perks). Either way, it's hope.
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Do people really care about this? O.o
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The snes games that never left japan are pretty fun.

Don't know a squat of japanese, wish someone would translate those games.
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N64 game is the best! IMPACT GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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Me want
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