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Lego's buildable NES console comes with a 'playable' game

Why don't you just get a NES Classic Mini instead?

Click for full size


Lego's buildable NES console comes with a 'playable' game

The gorgeous set launches on August 1st.

Click for full size

Well, that didn't take long. Following yesterday’s tantalizing tweet, Lego has officially unveiled its brick-based replica of the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System (which just so happens to turn 37 tomorrow). As expected, the 'console' doesn't actually play any games. There's a buildable TV, though, with a tiny 8-bit Mario figure and a crank that slowly moves the level in the background. The kit also comes with a special 'Action Brick' that can be scanned by the Lego Mario that comes with the upcoming Starter Course play set. Once activated, the portly plumber will react to the enemies, obstacles and power-ups that are sliding by on the ‘screen.’

Of course, any NES wouldn't be complete without a rectangular controller and cartridge. You can even pop open the front and 'load' your favorite game. (It won't actually do anything, it's just a nice storage option.) The mammoth build, which includes over 2,600 bricks, will be available through Lego's retail stores and website from August 1st for $229.99.
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Ergh... it doesn't even look like proper lego parts.
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That's just silly.
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I'm getting this for my raspberry pi! the cart at least actually does something, it houses a SSD drive that connects through the USB slots.
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