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Sin and Punishment
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Mac OS X Panther

I was on Apple's preview section of their upcoming Mac OS X Panther. I have to see before I didn't think of it to be anymore but a update but after checking some thing out I can't wait for the thing!

The one thing I can't wait for the most and is certainly worth the mention is the new Expos? Feature Man, go a check it out, better yet click on the try it now link and see it for your self. So so sweet.
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Joe Redifer
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Definitely nice, but when are they gonna fix that damn moving tash can? Every time I try to drag something to the trash, the can moves! So I drag the file to where the can is now, the can moves back the other way! Makes deleting files difficult. I don't think I have magnification turned on. I usually use OS 9 since it is quicker and not as clunky.
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Drunken Savior
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That's a really odd problem. I recommend tinkering with your dock controls in the system preferences. But I can't say I've heard of that problem before. You could always just use Apple+delete.

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