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Gooigi's baaaaaaack! in Luigi's Mansion 3

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Gooigi's baaaaaaack!

I ain't scared of no ghost

If 2013 was the Year of Luigi, 2019 is the Year of Gooigi. When Luigi's Mansion 3 launches on Switch later this year, Gooigi will be a big part of the puzzle solving.

During this morning's E3 Direct, Nintendo revealed that Gooigi's back to help Luigi clean up the hotel. He's a goo clone, able to clip through cracks and walk over spikes. Basically anything that would hurt flesh but won't hurt a gelatinous pile of goop.

This isn't Gooigi's first appearance. He was introduced in the 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansion. Clearly a hit, now he's back.

Nintendo confirmed a few more Luigi's Mansion 3 features. The Poltergust G-00 has some new functionality. There are ghost slams, a plunger attachment for smashing furniture, and an area of effect burst attack. Also, there's a four-player mulitplayer mode called ScareScraper.

The haunting happens before long. Luigi's Mansion 3 will release sometime in 2019 on Nintendo Switch.
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