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Nintendo Switch named 'Most Fragile' product of 2019 in French consumer magazine

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Nintendo Switch named 'Most Fragile' product of 2019 in French consumer magazine

Nintendo has joined a dubious end-of-year "honours" list in French consumer publication 60 millions de consommateurs - that's "60 million consumers"; yeah, I had some college - where the publisher was named one of the "worst companies of 2019" due to the fragility of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con.

An ongoing issue with the console since launch has been the infamous "Joy-Con Drift", a fault which causes the Switch to register movement on the thumbsticks where there is none. In America, drifting Joy-Con can be sent away for free repair, but this scheme has unfortunately not been afforded to all territories. Given that a replacement Joy-Con isn't cheap, the problem has caused much chagrin among Switch users, even leading to the extremities of a class action lawsuit.

Nintendo itself has been relatively quiet about the matter, generally just re-iterating the company line on "quality products". But hopefully, as the production of Switch units continues into the new year, "drift" and other Joy-Con problems can be all but eradicated from future models. 2019 has been a very good year for the developer/publisher, but the "Cactus of the Too Fragile product" is probably one end-of-year award that won't be sitting on the mantelpiece.
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Mine just straight up died about two weeks ago. I got a sega saturn that was sitting in a non climate controle house for a decade that still works perfectly but the switch barely made it two years.
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the drift is easy to fix, I've fixed my joy cons doing it, just cotton swap with alcohol spread into the inside of the controller while moving it in a circle to spread it more.

Little rubber cap is right above the round part of the analog, apparently dust and dirt, etc get inside, so just needs to be cleaned.

My nieces was horrible for it, she couldn't use her joycons at all, till I did that and they're fine now.

Nintendo just needs to change the design to them to fix it.

Me, I just said fuck them and did the Hori "pro controllers" for handheld mode, now those work great, but drain the battery faster, sadly. I don't really play the games that require the joy cons anyways.
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