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Are there any games like Civilization IV that are actually good?

Topic is slightly simplifying the issue. I like Civilization IV, but I just think it's extremely flawed.

For example in Civilization IV, the border system is really stupid. Only ways to increase your border is by building or conquering cities or spreading your culture. That all fine, but there should be ways to give or demand territory from other civilizations without actually taking cities. When a war ends that doesn't include the total destruction of a rival civ, you should be able to draw up new borders.

Also, combat is just retarded. All you can do is just to attack. Only real tactics come from choosing the different experience points or damaging the units with air strikes before attacking. You should at the very least to be able to execute a sickle cut move to attack enemies' flanks. You should get massive bonuses if you flank an enemy that is currently engaged with another of your units. Also, surrounding cities should be done better than just bombarding. I want to go all Leningrad on those losers.

Also, in Civilization IV resources seem like total waste. Once I had an empire that was the entire Europe, minus the British Isles, pretty deep in Russia, part of middle east, parts of North Africa and a big chunk from South America, but I had one oil well off the coast of Norway, and it was enough to support my entire empire. What the fuck? No challenge what so ever there. All the other resources seem like filler, too. Especially if you have more than one of them.

What also should be changed is the way new and conquered territory can be treated. Why should I have to rule my colonies the same way as my country? You should be able to have freedom and luxuries on your main area, and enslave and exploit your conquered areas. They should also add how you can treat minorities. Each city and country could have a list of ethnicities and religious minorities, and you could choose how you treat each one. You should basically be allowed to choose to lump cities into states or provinces and treat them differently if you'd want.

I think It's pretty clear that Sid Meyer should call me for the next Civilization game. These are just the main flaws.
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