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6. Day's Gone (2019) (PS4) - June 4 - Was actually pretty good. The hordes are actually kind of impressive for consoles. Gameplay felt like it was just a compilation of all the other open world games out there.
7. Vampire: The Masquerade BLOODLINES (2004) (PC) - August 13 - Amazing old game. Was Tremere and loved every second of it. Can't wait for the sequel next year!
8. Disco Elysium (2019) (PC) - October 24 - An old school CRPG with an amazing story and dialogue tree. Great characters and voice acting. Fun to play through multiple times too, even if you know the outcome of the story since you can role play through multiple detective steroytypes.

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Not even sure why this was a game instead of an OVA. There really wasn't much to game on either, being a visual novel in the purest sense where you only make decisions.
It was an alright side story. Would be an alright OVA, it hardly qualifies as a game and it's pretty meh at that.
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Picked up Doom 2016 for 6 bucks during the steam sale and played through it. Damned fun game.
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