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Kojima retweets fan-made MGSV pic, Konami files copyright claim

Konami has the worst PR ever, their PR staffs should all get fired,

Kojima retweets fan-made MGS 5 pic, Konami files copyright claim

Oh Konami, it seems that you have a team dedicated to trolling the Internet.

Metal Gear Solid 5 director Hideo Kojima and Konami aren’t on the best terms these days, to say the least. And things just got even weirder.

When Kojima retweeted a Metal Gear Solid 5 image made by a fan, Konami stepped right in and filed a copyright claim, removing it from Twitter.

Why? Who knows. This is Konami we’re talking about.

You can find the original tweet below, without the image of course, thanks to Konami’s copyright claim.
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The last chapter of the game wasn't finished in time either.

Watch after you've finished the game, it's a must watch for fans of the story.

Really nice involving Big Boss, Liquid Snake and Psycho Mantis
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You might wanna just make that a direct link instead of a playable video, considering it's a frame from the ending of a game many are currently playing.

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Its not in the game, so its not exactly a spoiler.

But yeah... what else remains to be said about Konami. Block everything Konami. Its the only way to end this.
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Konami is so evil... Wtf.
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