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After three years, the Nintendo Switch has sold more than 55 million consoles

This could go all the way to 100 millions.

Click for full size

After three years, the Nintendo Switch has sold more than 55 million consoles

And all without a new Stunt Race FX game

A few months ago, we reported the Nintendo Switch had already had its best year of sales with still three months to go in the fiscal year. Usually, sales would slow down after the busy holiday shopping season, but as we've seen around the world, the Switch remains a hot item as people look for entertainment during these troubling times. The device has been so popular and scarce, we've seen shortages in Japan and many "Item Not Available" listings here in North America.

So it's been a hot item these past few months, and today, Nintendo revealed the Switch family of consoles sold 21.03 million units in the 2019-2020 fiscal year, with the standard Switch moving 14.83 million units and the Switch Lite shifting 6.19 million units. Considering it sold 17.74 million units as of December 31, 2019, that's an increase of 3.29 million units in three short months. In total, the Switch has sold 55.77 million units worldwide.

Will it be able to match its performance this fiscal year? With new consoles on the horizon for this holiday season and COVID-19 potentially screwing up game development schedules, it might fall a bit short. For its part, Nintendo is estimating the company will sell 19 million units over the next fiscal year.
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It's very impressive how they managed that, just like the Wii. Software sales are also insane.

I honestly struggle to understand how they manage to attract so many customers, but they do. The family and children market is just that big.

Of course, it has the side effect of anything non Nintendo not managing to sell nearly as well, but Nintendo itself is impressive. They have their own Eco-system there.
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3 years and they still can't fix that drifting issue with their joy cons.
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they can't unless they change the analogs completely. It's mostly just dirt and dust that gets into the analogs cause of the thin piece of rubber that covers the analog. I fixed mine with rubbing alcohol.
I bought the hori "pro" handheld controllers and haven't had drifting ever with those.
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