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Reports: Call of Duty 2020 Is Called Black Ops Cold War

What's with Activision's obsession with Black Ops?

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Reports: Call of Duty 2020 Is Called Black Ops Cold War

Back to Black.

New reports suggest this year's Call of Duty game will be titled Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and will return to the Black Ops sub-series' historical setting.

The title was posted by Call of Duty leaker Okami on Twitter, and backed up by sources of Eurogamer. Eurogamer added that it will return to the series' roots, but didn't specify any specific events or locations the real-life Cold War is regarded as having lasted from 1947-1991.

Whether this is a reboot of the sub-series, or a prequel to the Black Ops story - which has since headed into the future - is still unknown.

Activision had already formally announced the expected 2020 instalment of Call of Duty, but didn't confirm which of its studios would act as the lead developer. Rumours at the time suggested Treyarch would be the lead, which feels ever-more likely, given it created the Black Ops sub-series. Sledgehammer and Raven are rumoured to be support studios on the project. Those same rumours claimed this was a Black Ops game set in the Cold War, and that it would restore a single-player campaign after Black Ops 4 dropped the feature.

The reports coincide with the recent opening of Call of Duty: Warzone's bunkers, which have also seen dataminers discovering what seems to be a model for a Cold War-era spyplane, the U-2. We'd already heard that Warzone will evolve to accommodate multiple games in the series, with Infinity Ward's Taylor Kurosaki saying the battle royale mode "will be the through-line that connects all of the different various sub-franchises of Call of Duty."
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I have no idea. I already lost track of how many CoD's there are between modern warfares and black ops.
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There are more of these games than there is Pokemon. Funny enough its the same age group that plays it too.
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