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Technology to look up skirts in games is here

Oh japan you make up the best stuff.

Developed by eroge maker Teatime, the game uses a webcam and face tracking software to locate players' faces. So when players move left to right, the in-gamer character follows them with her eyes.

We've seen technology used in gaming before. The erotic game spin? When players crouch down, it's possible for players to peek up the heroine's dress.
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Oh no!
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Anything that looks up a girls dress i am in. Japan i love you. They sure know how to savor the simple things like looking up a girls skirt.
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This is innovative gameplay!
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Thats a really cool technology, the only bad part is that it only works for you. No multiplayer panty watching
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Multiplayer panty watching? That's some mildly kinky shit.

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