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da missinlink
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well the wtf server he plays on has like 20+ per team when its full i think, so on a long map its possible to reach alot... an on the serever i play on i dont think the teams can go past 18 on most, but still when i get alot of kills im on the team wit noobs against the stacked team so i get like all the kills... when i went 75-15 the 2nd best score was like 10-20... so seriously im not sayin im goin against the best when get really high scores but some are really good, its really just a , matter of being good at the map an not doin stupid ****.. an i awp alot so on dust 2 when im ct i can own against anyone as long as i focus on waz goin on around me...

but in a cal-m filled server my best score was like 30-3... an that was just a funny map lol, i usually only have like 1 .8kd maybe 2 on avg there

knife kills on the servers i play on are kinda rare unless someone is really good at gettin behind them or somethin screwy happens i thin the best one was i was low on life an there were 2 guys in the room at long a on dust 2, an they were about half life each, so i flash them an run in an knife both before my idiot of a teammate tks me after lookin at me for 5 sec
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