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Enigma: Rising Tide Gold Edition

This is definately not for everyone. But there should be some of you out there that would be interested, and maybe even those who have never played this sort of style before. Basically what caught my eye was this passage-

Back "in the day," we used to play these huge naval simulations like "Jutland," "Bismarck," and "Midway," (we miss you, Avalon Hill) humungous board and paper/pencil affairs that often took up the entire living room floor to map out and play. Rulers, measuring tapes, jars of dice and massive amounts of "to hit" and "damage resolution" charts were scattered hither and yon (holy CINCPAC, Batman, what an ancient clich? to whip out!).
Thats so me. The amount of time that was spent playing games like that with friends, and even CREATING our own versions, was unreal. So for a reviewer to open up his thoughts with this, basically tells me I need to pay attention to him. Full review below.
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