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Extremely useful programs

Ok heres a couple that are focused specifically on hardware.

-Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder.

If you've ever wondered what your windows CDKey is and you've lost your case or whatever but you NEED it to reinstall? This program is for you. Very awesome.

-Belarc Adviser

Ever thought to yourself GEE IM TOO STUPID TO KNOW WHATS IN MY OWN PC DERPDERP?! This program when run opens up a browser window that isnt a browser and shows you everything thats in your pc, from your cpu, motherboard model number, ram, video card, and even down to taking the Jelly Bean finder above that 1 step forward and listing your cdkeys for windows and other programs on your system. It also has a bunch of other crap. Very useful.


This little tool is pretty good. Removes files that are unused on your pc and speeds it up slightly if its clogged down with too much shit installed over time. At the top of theprogram it also lists your cpu, video card, and other info which is useful.

- Codec packs

Theres a few out there. One is K-lite player and also Shark007 which also works very well for win7 for HD media etc. There are others but these two should be fine.

- Alternate media players

Couple interesting ones out there aside from Media player/Classic, BSplayer, VLC, and KMPlayer which I prefer to use. These ones come with alot of packed in codecs so they're pretty awesome as is. No point installing all of them unless you plan to see which one you like more to use. I prefer KMPlayer myself.

Various mentions because I'm getting twitchy writing all this--

Malwarebytes. Help protect your pc.

Also the Microsoft free virus scanner is probably the best of the other free scanners out there.

Other protection stuff

Ad-aware + spybot S&D. Get rid of spyware crap.

All the above are free stuff. I think a couple have a pay version but that just goes an ads things extra to them. Some stuff that ARENT free but are mega awesome are as follows

O&O. Best defragging program around. Makes your pc sooooo happy.

RegistryBooster. f your pc is acting STUPID with some programs crashing etc, this one fixes problems and makes it act more normal. Personal experience, I love this program.

CoreAVC. Another codec pack thats great for HD files on weaker systems, such as netbooks etc.

Thats the ones that come to my mind. It was only meant to be alist of 2 or 3 programs but I got carried away.
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