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Humankind is indeed Sega's teased new title, coming in 2020

Click for full size

Humankind (HMKD) is indeed Sega's teased new title, coming in 2020

So... it wasn't Virtua Fighter 6

During the gamescom Opening Night Live stream, we finally learned the identity of the mystery game that Sega was teasing last week. As expected, it is indeed Humankind, which the long time publisher trademarked late last year. You can check out the new trailer below.

Humankind is described as a "historical strategy magnum opus. Developed by Amplitude, you can expect to start building civilisations, directing the human race through Ancient Egypt, Rome and The Vikings, among others, whilst making historical discoveries in culture and science, and shaping the people to build upon their foundations.

Humankind is coming to PC in 2020.
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Huh... it's a civ game.

Odd choice.
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Remember that RTS they made some years back? No..No..? This will be the same.
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