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I plan to play this game for sure, excellent review btw. I was only going to ask 1 question but you already said you havent played RF2 on the DS yet so I cant ask you which you thought was better, this or that. I still havent played 2 myself. Damn list of games. Way too long.
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I bought it in january, havent started it up yet with so many friggin games, but I really look forward to it, cant wait.
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Nintendo Wii
1 Player
Developer - Square Enix Product Development Division 2
Publisher - Square Enix

My Bias
-I love the Crystal Chronicles world
-I've been excited about this game since it's reveal years ago when Wii launched
-I do not like pointless Wii Remote shaking

My Completion
-Game beaten with minimal reactions & equipment found

The story of Crystal Bearers had me really entertained. Unlike the other Crystal Chronicles games this one has a more serious tone. The premise is that one of the four Crystal Chronicles races, the Yukes, have been all wiped out. Magic has been forgotten and technology is abundant. The only people who can still use magic are a handful of people known as Crystal Bearers that have a crystal shard lodged in their body. The main character Layle is imbued with a crystal giving him Gravity magic so he can manipulate himself and things around him. The characters are really well done with some pretty decent voice acting. I especially liked Layle, his smug attitude made me laugh and he was a nice change of pace from Square Enixís typical heroes. It makes for a unique story perspective as well since the games events donít start out involving him, itís just that he keeps sticking his nose in them until they do. The only thing I didn't like story wise was the ending. It's really short and didn't leave me with a feeling of satisfaction. Regardless, I canít stress enough how much I enjoyed the story throughout.

Layle is really awesome

I really love the artistic style of this game. Previous Crystal Chronicles games contained very deformed cartoonish characters but Crystal Bearers has more normal proportioned people. I liked the distinct styles of the four races and I also liked how there was a bit of technological flair in the world, something that the previous games were devoid of. Most of the environments look good enough to satisfy but nothing really breathtaking.

Did I mention I also love the clothing designs?

Some of the music in this game is amazing, even if there are a few bad tracks. The only bad tracks are when you have combat out on the field because it plays this obnoxious twangy country music. Here are some of my favorites.

♪ Sacred Heaven

Despite this song being so simple I think it gives off a deep, sympathetic mood.

♪ Alfitaria Capital

I absolutely love the bagpipes in this track which is an instrument I donít hear too often. I like the slap bass as well.

♪ Lett Highlands

This is my favorite track in the game. Itís kinda upbeat but itís relaxing as well. Perfect music to traverse grassy fields to.

♪ Veo Lu Sluice

One of my favorite songs from the original Crystal Chronicles arranged for a ballroom dance scene!

A majority of the game play is based around picking things up and throwing them with Layles gravity powers. You donít directly attack monsters, instead you find things lying around the environment and throw them at the enemies. Within this mechanic you can do a variety of different things, like picking up an Goblin archer and holding him above your head will cause him to frantically shoot arrows out in front of you. Throwing a Bomb monster will piss it off into self destructing and taking out those around it. There is also a Reactions system in which special effects will happen if you do certain things. For example throwing a pot of water at a Cactuar enemy will cause it to grow and holding a Bone above your head will cause wolf enemies to stop attacking and instead beg at your feet. The game encourages you to experiment to discover new reactions and even has a checklist to discover them all.

These guys hurt really bad if they touch you

My biggest problem with this system is that it controls very obnoxiously. In order to manipulate things with gravity magic you must point and hold the cursor at what you want to affect, then flick the Wii Remote in the direction you want to throw up. When you are constantly doing it over and over it gets tiresome and just plain annoying. Enough to the point where I didnít want to do it anymore and instead of playing around and finding new reactions in battle, I just got them over with as soon as possible. Even worse my flicks didnít register responsively or correctly all the time. A simple button press & lock-on system would have done this game wonders.

In true Crystal Chronicles fashion there arenít experience points or levels to gain. Instead the only way to get stronger is through equipment and health increase bonuses. These health increase bonuses are obtained by clearing an area within itís allocated time limit, which isnít too difficult to do. There are accessories you can either buy or craft that boost Layles attributes like his range or attack power, but I barley messed with them and had no trouble beating the game.

None of this really matters if all your after is to beat the game

There are a ton of mandatory mini-games sprawled throughout the game which actually arenít too bad. I had more fun with some of the mini-games than the standard combat. The opening of the game has you flying through the sky gunning down Zu birds like Starfox or Sin & Punishment. Thereís another scene where you must help a team of girls out in a beach side butt-bump contest by making sure they donít fall off the platform.

Nothing like a little fanservice

I did get lost a lot when playing this game which is a pet peeve of mine. There are a lot of instances where the game is not very clear cut on where you need to go next, or is but gives the player no sense on how to get there. The in-game map is all but useless so I ended up having to look at FAQs online.

The map, it does nothing

Crystal Bearers is a weird game for me. Itís a game that I didn't really enjoy the core game play of but every other element of it such as the story, characters, artistic style, music and mini-games are all exactly what I like. To my surprise I found that those other elements were strong enough to carry me entertained to the end. In that way it reminds me a lot of my personal experience with the Metal Gear Solid series.

My advice is that if youíre looking for a game with really deep rewarding game play then this isnít it. However if you donít mind putting up with some lackluster combat segments to experience an otherwise very entertaining game then give this game a try. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
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I'm maybe ....two hours? into this - I've gotten to/left Cid's workshop and am on my way to meet someone else (though I can't remember who it is exactly as I'm trying to finish up some other games)

When Naoko Suki said the music was good I was kind of perplexed, but I've mostly heard the twangy country stuff so far. I guess I'm not far enough into the game. although I doing remember noting Sacred Heaven was pretty good.

The thing I find kind of hilarious about the game is it rewards you for being a total dick. You pick people up and throw them around in towns and you're rewarded with their money! Awesome!
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I think I meant more of the fact that it's good for the games settings, and I never actually got bored or irritated by listening to it over long periods of time. Of course it isn't like a mainstream Final Fantasy quality, but I enjoyed most of the tracks they had. They've stuck with me!
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seraph, i don't appreciate you reviewing games on non-nintendo platforms. talk about sleeping with the enemy. we're at war here.
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