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The Nintendo Switch Firmware Saga Seems to Finally Have Been Resolved

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The Nintendo Switch Firmware Saga Seems to Finally Have Been Resolved

Go forth and download your games.

The Nintendo Switch firmware saga has seemingly come to an end as players are reporting that Nintendo has fixed the 2123-1502 error code.

This error code appeared with the 12.0.3 update that hit Switch consoles earlier this month and it prevented players from downloading games and updates for games, amongst other things. Until now, there was no fix for this error either, as reported by NintendoLife.

Error code 2123-1502 has been fixed by Nintendo applying a server side update
クイン (Quinn) 🏳️*🌈 🏳️*⚧️ (@RealCelticGamer) June 19, 2021

NintendoLife reports that the 2123-1502 error code has been fixed after some scheduled maintenance occured on June 20. Switch dataminer OatmealDome tweeted on June 18 that they noticed a scheduled maintenance for June 29 and they seemed to think that this might have been when Nintendo would fix the firmware problem.

However, others replied to OatmealDome on Twitter to let them know some players are reporting that the error code problem had been resolved thanks to a server side update.

Many others on Twitter are also reporting that the newest (and seemingly fixed) version of the 12.0.3 update is live and works, which means the 2123-1502 error code does not appear when trying to download a game, for example.

This is great news for Switch players as anyone who had downloaded 12.0.3, which was live for quite some time before users and Nintendo realized it had problems, were stuck with the 2123-1502 error code.

The update orignally went out the day the newest season of Fortnite, a game quite popular on Switch, went live and left many players unable to update Fortnite to the latest season. Elsewhere, some people weren't able to download updates for their games or even download new games.

It didn't help that many Switch consoles were unable to download games during E3 2021, a particularly popular time for video games. Catch up on everything announced at the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct while waiting for the proper 12.0.3 update to download and then read about Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser's response to reports of new Switch hardware.
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