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AMD opteron processor true 4gig+

this is about 1 week old news

AMD has released its newsest dual core processor the opteron,

apparently it should be twice as fast as todays 64's

what it does is split specific functions spread over the separate core to speed up the clock frequenct and double the rate at which functions are performed.

heres the link to a detailed guide on opteron

though this doesnt have any real world weight unless they release upgrades and patches for current software so the OS knows how to catagorise them into a processing catagory for use by its specific allocated core.

so truth be told we this really improve our lives in the sort term?
i'd say give it 3 years before being suckered by the misleading marketing machiene.

though a good point is its ability to be installed into existing AMD chipsets. (unlike the new pentium offerings which will greatly piss-off existing pentium chipboard owners!- shame for the pentium/nvidea whores)

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Always good to get the ball rolling.
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