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Upcoming EQ2 expansion

Yeah I actually hate the game because of various reasons. But this bit I really had to share. You can supposedly sign up and play for 7 days for free and try out PART of the expansion. Whats in it to make me actually bother posting? They're releasing either a large part, or the entire part of the first EQ game into EQ2 with updated graphics.

I watched my friend roaming around Greater Feydark and freaked. The trees were actually HUGE and massive like I remembered. Its still the best depiction of a forest in any game. The updated graphics really added alot to it and they've even put in some new stuff here and there. It looks awesome and really good for anyone who enjoyed EQ1 before they got fed up with it. Theres also at least 1 new race, which appears to be a faerie. You can choose the types of wings and other stuff. Plus a new achievement addition to the game. If you can remember in EQ1 after level 50 or whatever you could choose to put experience into levelling or experience into updating your stats. This works along the same lines except starts right from first level. I dont know what else there is as I have no inclination to go back to this game. But yeah, very cool thing for the fans.
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No linky, no caring!
Never played an EQ before but got curious to see that forest u mentioned.
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A lot of people have been saying it is different from EQ2 and people who quit EQ2 that hated it are actually coming back and enjoying this new expansion.
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People still play this game?
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