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Fallout 3 in PC Gamer


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I speak with codes.
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My heart just stopped momentarily. Ever since I heard Alucard going on about how awesome Fallout 2 is, I've been a huge fan.
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first they tell them what to do and then tell them to create their own vision. what if their "vision" isn't dark and violent? what then, huh? what then?
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Holy crap it's Coconut Monkey
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whats fallout?

isnt that the driving game where you can eject the driver?
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What Alucard seems to be forgetting is that most FO fans expect Bethesda to released a dumbed down, consolized POS and call it "Fallout 3".

I hope Bethesda miraculously goes under before they get a chance to completely ruin the franchise.
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